‘Al-Gari Group’ and ‘Al-Gari Wheels Ltd (k)’ are two such names that have reverberated across Middle East and Africa. (East Africa) Commencing operations as Textile investments, Energy, Petroleum, Agriculture,Insuarance,Transport and Logistic,Trading ,Real Estate, Food and Beverages(FMCG). The AL-GARI Group Subsequently blossomed into a business chain with manufacturing and other activities in Middle East & Africa. This was also the time that the truly global AL-GARI Group Began taking shape, through strategic business alliances worldwide. Today, overseen by holding company AL-GARI WHEELS LTD(K), the group is operating through distinct corporate entities across Africa and the Middle East. We at AL-GARI WHEELS LTD (K) operate on basic principles of Transparency and Long-Term Relationship. In view of your large-scale efficient operations, we are willing to go the extra mile to service your esteemed organization with our world class products and services. We Facilitate our clients on local sales under AL-GARI WHEELS LTD and also on CONTAINER LOADS CONSIGNMENTS as per mutual agreement. We are simply ...a One Stop Transport Solution for Tyres,Batteries,Lubricants and Accessories

Why Al-Gari

Tires are a key point of contact between your car and the road, and in fact the only point of contact! Algari-Wheels aim to offer you the smoothest driving experience by bringing you tires with comfort, excellent braking and maximum safety. Our Tires are versatile and carry a vast selection for several applications. With our comprehensive understanding of tires and their diversified range, we offer solutions for most kinds of vehicles – Cars, 4X4s, Trucks, Buses, Earthmoving Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Industrial Vehicles and OTR/IND/AGRI use.